Report Abuse of Power of Attorney

Whom do I report abuse of Power of Attorney to?

If you have worries about the actions of an attorney using a registered Enduring Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney, or of a Deputy formally appointed by the Court of Protection please contact the folk below.

The Compliance & Regulation Unit of the Office of the Public Guardian has a dedicated phone line for reporting concerns around abuse under a Power of Attorney.  It is 0300 456 0300. The Office of the Public Guardian may investigate any actions by an Attorney or by a Deputy and can also refer such concerns to other agencies such as the Police. When it makes such a report, the Office of the Public Guardian will make sure that they are kept of the action taken. They can also apply to the Court if it take action against the attorney or deputy.

To organise Lasting Powers of Attorney, go here.

Abuse of Power of Attorney commonly occurs when people leave it too late to get Lasting Power of Attorney without help.   That help just could be a “friendly” neighbour or carer who is just out to get control of your money for their own ends.

The best way to prevent abuse of Power of Attorney is act early, and work with us to select the right attorneys in the first place.   Then keep things under review, as the most delightful of people can go bad.  Perhaps through drink or drugs, or perhaps through marrying a gold digger who sees your assets as an opportunity for enrichment rather than as a resource to help you.

You can download our free guide to Power of Attorney: abuse should be avoided if you act now. Or use our contact page to get in touch.   We will even answer some basic questions on Lasting Powers of Attorney (and Enduring Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and Medical Directives).   But just a brief email unless you would like us to get you organised well in advance, to minimise the chances of abuse of Power of Attorney.