Maintaining Independence

Maintaining Independence in Senior Years

Maintaining independence is a part of the reason for preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney, but we thought it would be helpful to link to other resources which can help in maintaining independence.   If you have any suggestions, please us the link to let us know.

1) Welbeing is an independent supplier of assistive technology solutions – telecare, telehealth and environmental control systems – with a state of the art 24/7/365 telecare response centre based in East Sussex. They employ more than 80 people and serve a wide range of organisations and individuals across the United Kingdom. All the ‘profits’ Welbeing creates are ploughed back into the business and invested in the continuous improvement of services dedicated to helping in maintaining independence.

2) Grace Consulting is the leading provider of independent care advice services in the UK. Clients range from blue chip companies through to friendly societies, charities and private individuals.

Grace Consulting has supported thousands of people in selecting the right care and our national team of independent care advisers provides a wide variety of flexible services to suit your customer’s needs.

With an increasingly ageing population in the UK, good care advice is vital both to the elderly and to the baby boom generation responsible for organising their care. Grace Consulting can package care advice services into a variety of its clients’ products, making them more attractive to potential customers.

3) Independent Financial Advice can help make savings and investments stretch further, organise Long Term Care annuities or home income plans.   We know hundreds, so if you don’t have an Independent Financial Adviser we can introduce you to one to help in maintaining independence.

4) Avoiding Court of Protection Interference, Cutting Probate Costs and protecting assets can be important parts of maintaining independence in your senior years.  The earlier such plans are put in place, the more effective they will be. Check out Home Protection plans.

Maintaining Independence