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Lasting Power of Attorney cost.


Cost of LPA

Lasting Power of Attorney Cost

Lasting Power of Attorney cost can vary from up to well over £1,500 for a single Lasting Power of Attorney (the latter only if you chose an expensive solicitor!) But our fees are much more down to earth.  As is our advice, we won’t blind you with jargon and we will explain things in terms you understand. (Stop Press – we have just further reduced the cost of a pair of Lasting Powers of Attorney.)

You could download the Lasting Power of Attorney forms and the application pack (well over 100 pages) and do it yourself.  You could end up up creating a perfectly valid Lasting Power of Attorney which pitches you into the realms of the Court of Protection with horrendous costs and a strong possibility that control will be lost to a professional – who will need to be paid until the person dies.

But on the lighter side, the Office of the Public Guardian may make you pay the FULL Lasting Power of Attorney cost of registering again if you make the slightest error – e.g. forget to tick a box, or put Mr / Mrs / Miss etc. A massive extra on your LPA fees. Dealing with the Office of the Public Guardian can be hard and stressful work!  (But not nearly as bad as dealing with the Court of Protection when things go wrong with LPAs in place.)

However, most people realise that they need professional advice in preparing their Lasting Power of Attorney – cost is relatively insignificant when compared to the cost of NOT having Lasting Power of Attorney when things go wrong. But folk want to pay a reasonable  price for Lasting Powers of Attorney.  You will be pleased to hear that our fees for preparing and registering LPAs are far less than many solicitors charge just for the registration application work.  Though, to be fair, dealing with the Office of the Public Guardian isn’t easy – and if you’re paying a solicitor over £250 an hour…..

We can’t cut the Court fees though, sadly – but we can minimise them if you are entitled to discounts, which currently apply to anyone with a gross incomeof under £12,000 a year.

With many firms, the time taken to obtain a discount from the Office of the Public Guardian would be far outweighed by the cost of the extra time spent.  It takes more than a few minutes to fill in two 12 page application forms to register one persons Lasting Powers of Attorney.  Then you get started on the request for a reduction in the cost of registering the LPAs.  Because we are specialists, we prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney all day and every day. Consequently it takes us far less time than a firm who might write one or two Lasting Powers of Attorney a month.

So get in touch and we’ll give you sound advice for your Lasting Power of Attorney: we will guide you through the process of making your Lasting Powers of Attorney at a cost you can afford.

Our process in preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney is very straightforward. We provide all the friendly support you need to make wise choices in what can be a complicated area if you don’t get good advice.  The friendly side is important as an adviser who doesn’t take the trouble to understand you is unlikely to give best advice when it comes to making your Lasting Power of Attorney cost effective.  Creating your LPA costs generally much less with us.    There are cheaper options elsewhere, but the cost of getting it wrong can be appalling in both personal and financial terms.

There is a further fee for preparing the registration paperwork and we do our best to save you as much as possible of the cost of Office of the Public Guardian application for registration fees.   Where some firms charge £360 to deal with the Office of the Public Guardian registration paperwork!  We offer value and advice.

Why not ask for our Free Guide to Lasting Powers of Attorney cost and Legal Planning – it is free and covers the major types of legal planning you should be considering as well as the Lasting Power of Attorney cost – just click the link to contact us.

Lasting Power of Attorney cost need not be a fortune.