Biggest Cause of Death UK

2nd Biggest Cause of Death for Women: Dementia.

Dementia is the 2nd biggest cause of death for women, according to the BBC’s interpretation of the latest Office of National Statistics Data.

So the need for Lasting Powers of Attorney is, on the face of it, significantly higher for women than for men.

dementia in women

Dementia in women

The BBC says “Dementia is the second biggest cause of death among women, figures show.

The data from the Office for National Statistics revealed the condition was listed as an underlying cause in one in 10 of the 250,000 deaths in 2011.

For men it was the fifth most common cause, accounting for 5% of the 235,000 deaths. The dementia figures were double those recorded a decade ago.

For both men and women the most common cause was heart disease accounting for 16% and 11% of deaths respectively.”

So the statistics show that dementia in all its’ forms is a leading underlying cause of death, but the problem is that it doesn’t just kill people, it kills them very slowly.  This means that life gets more and more complicated, with officialdom taking charge. Unless Lasting Powers of Attorney have been put in place in good time.

Many people seem to think that a diagnosis of dementia means that it is too late to put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place.  This is often not correct.   All that is required is for the person to have the ability to understand the need for Lasting Powers of Attorney and to pass the appropriate test of mental capacity.  So the diagnosis itself is rarely a bar to getting LPAs in place, unless it has been clearly left without a formal diagnosis and the disease is at a fairly advance stage.

So, yes, dementia is an underlying fact and often the biggest cause of death, but the stress and strains on all involved can be dramatically reduced if Lasting Powers of Attorney are put in place at the earliest possible moment.

5th Biggest Cause of Death for men: Dementia.